My Journey of Transplantation, Revelation & Transformation

Kristy is a SurThrivor!

Few people get a second chance at life. But Kristy Sidlar had a second and a third. She dodged death twice, both times thanks to total strangers. The first was when she collapsed from a life-threatening heart condition and someone was at the right place at the right time. The second was when she finally received the greatest gift of life — a donor heart. Now she shares her experiences to inspire others.

In her memoir, Change of Heart: My Journey of Transplantation, Revelation & Transformation, Kristy shares her powerful story with humor, heartache, and hope. The book features Kristy’s Wellness Widget, a tool for readers to use to upgrade their minds and bodies to strive for optimum health.

As a long-time volunteer and board member for the American Heart Association, Kristy advocates for heart health, especially for women. She’s also a board member for Project Beautiful, Inside and Out.

A 30-year career sales professional in the staffing and recruiting industry, Kristy has lived and worked in Singapore and traveled the world.

Kristy is a Michigan native with a Bachelor of Arts from Hope College. She and her husband, Dave, love spending time in Northern California.

Kristy’s hobbies include, photography, fitness, cardmaking, and driving and admiring exotic and classic cars. After completing two 5K races since her surgery, she’s currently training for a triathlon.

“Kristy is an exemplar of resilience, strength, and grit. She has struggled with heart disease for more than 20 years, culminating in a recent heart transplant. Her passion to raise awareness for heart disease is only rivaled by her optimism that powered her through a swift transplant recovery. Kristy’s story is inspiring, and she has plenty of hard-won wisdom to share.”

— Greg Brown, CFP® Founder

Pathway Financial Planning, LLC

“I can truly say that Kristy exudes one of the most positive outlooks I have ever seen. The last few years of her life would have proved a challenge for most, but they have only deepened her spirit, zest for life, and passion for living. I am blessed to have known her for over thirty years, and she continues to inspire me to this day!”

— MJ LaDuke

Certified Yoga Instructor

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