My Journey of Transplantation, Revelation & Transformation

Kristy's main goal in focusing on these six dimensions of wellness, her purpose in writing her book, and her long-term vision for her readers is simple...she wants to positively impact others. Kristy wants to inspire people to think differently, focus on health and wellness in different ways, and to not settle for the things that are hindering them, holding them back, or blocking their ability to be fulfilled.

A secondary goal for Kristy when inspiring people to take action and make even slight tweaks to how they live their lives is to have their actions impact others. She is a huge proponent of the “pay it forward” concept. She will inspire you to make improvements by reading her book, and she hopes those improvements will allow you to positively influence the people around you.

“Project Beautiful – Inside and Out was honored to have Kristy preview her book, Change of Heart, as part of our ‘Building Confidence, Inspiring Hope’ Speaker Series. It was an amazing evening working through Kristy’s Wellness Widget — including introspection exercises, a group meditation, plenty of laughs, and even a few tears. Her journey, positive attitude, and unstoppable energy are truly inspiring!”

— Doris Gilles, Executive Director

Project Beautiful – Inside and Out