My Journey of Transplantation, Revelation & Transformation

Order your copy through any online retailer. If you are outside of the US, Google the title of the book, and the retail site options in your country will be listed. To date, Kristy's book has been sold on four continents!

Imagine being a young, vibrant fitness instructor, when suddenly you collapse and learn that your heart is failing. Then, despite years of treatments, you urgently need a heart transplant.

That is Kristy Sidlar’s story, and she lived to write this book about it, with vivid detail, humor, hope, and helpful tips on how to cultivate total wellness. Laugh, cry, learn, and most of all, celebrate life and love more deeply, as you read Kristy’s amazing story.

Kristy Sidlar is on a mission to use her remarkable survival story as a heart transplant recipient to encourage men and women everywhere to make overall wellness a priority.

Thanks to an organ donor family that was grieving the loss of their loved one, Kristy explores the power of gratitude and the inexpressible joy that the greatest gift of life can bring.

“I have so much admiration for the way Kristy is using the power of her story to help others. By authentically sharing her remarkable recovery experience, she's truly helping to change the concept of wellness.”

—Kristi Piehl, Founder & CEO

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